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MedioStream Intros DV-To-MPEG2 Software Transcoder

MedioStream, Inc., Thursday announced Medio CAMpeg, a software technology that allows DV camcorder users to go directly from DV into MPEG2 format for video streaming, DVD authoring, archiving or distribution.

The $499 software package provides the ability to create an MPEG2 file from a DV camcorder using a notebook or desktop PC.

This is made possible by an algorithm which enables full D1 resolution DV decoding and MPEG2 encoding in real-time simultaneously at a full frame rate. While others can get these results on a Pentium 4, Medio CAMpeg runs smoothly on a Pentium III.

Medio CAMpeg, based on MedioStream's HSP (Host Signal Processing) technologies, is designed for DV camcorder and video capture/editing users. It integrates the decoder of Medio DVision and the encoder of Medio MVision into one package.

On a high-end Pentium III or Athlon system, you can achieve real-time performance. Medio CAMpeg achieves additional 8 to 10 times compression by converting from DV to MPEG2. This preserves the video quality and reduces the storage requirement. It also greatly reduces the needs of running the DV cassettes through a service bureau.

Medio CAMpeg retail version will be available this October. The OEM version is immediately available at volume discounts.