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Hewlett-Packard Announces Web-based PC Management System

Hewlett-Packard announced a new version of HP TopTools, describing it as "the industry's first fully functional, Web-browser-based PC-management application."

It includes a new centralized information tool that allows managers to search, select and group hundreds of PCs and manage them using Desktop Management Interface (DMI) information.

The vendor also announced a new line of HP Vectra VL PCs that can be turned on and off remotely via LAN cards from any major supplier. Hewlett-Packard is hailing this as a "breakthrough in PC management technology" because it allows customers to build networked HP Vectra PC environments using industry-standard networking components from vendors of their choice.

Prices start at around #786 (exc. VAT) for an HP Vectra VL7 6/233 Pentium II, with 32MB RAM and a 3.2GB hard disk. Every HP Vectra VL PC comes with HP TopTools.

Using HP TopTools, IS managers can search and view inventory information, track alarms, manage security settings, and perform remote configuration from any browser-equipped PC in the enterprise.

HP TopTools includes a dynamic link to the HP support Web site, enabling managers to download the latest BIOS in the TopTools registry for easy, push-button updates.

The new version of HP TopTools is expected to be available for free download in April.

The UK's 26th largest exporter, Hewlett-Packard Limited, had a turnover of #1.9 billion in 1996. The company has five R&D and manufacturing divisions in the UK, and over a third of HP's long-range global research is performed at HP Laboratories in Bristol.