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Free XML-Based Web Automation Toolkit Now On The Net

WebMethods announced it is making its popular Web Automation Toolkit freely available on the Internet.

The eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based toolkit allows organizations to connect applications to existing Web sites and integrate business applications directly over the World-Wide Web.

"Much of the initial coverage about XML has focused on publishing and content management. WebMethods encourages this, but we also want to foster greater understanding and use of XML particularly for business-to-business e-commerce over the web. By freely distributing our Toolkit, we enable an even larger group of developers to begin developing XML-based applications now," said Phillip Merrick, president and CEO of webMethods.

An integrated development, testing, and management environment, Web Automation Toolkit 2.1 uses XML for data exchange but works with existing HTML. It requires no corporate developer expertise in XML, but includes an HTML/XML parser together with what the vendor says is a "groundbreaking XML RPC that enables any application to exchange data with any other application using just HTTP and XML."

The free Web Automation Toolkit includes a Personal Server that supports two users, enabling deployment of prototype applications. Both the Web Automation Toolkit and Web Automation Server are available for all platforms that support Java.

Anyone wishing to deploy his or her applications to larger numbers of corporate users will need to acquire WebMethods' Web Automation Server, the pricing of which starts at $1,295 per concurrent user.