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Skyline Unveils Web Content Rotation Appliance

Baltimore, MD-based Skyline Network Technologies introduced "SpinBox" this week, a plug-and-play hardware/software solution for automating the rotation of Web content such as advertising banners.

SpinBox is designed to rotate any Web-compatible file, including GIF, animated GIF, JPEG, Java, Shockwave, audio, mpeg, and avi files.

Product features include:

  • Web document rotation
  • Targeting based on keyword, date, and browser type
  • Tracking views, clicks, and clickthrough rate
  • Full reporting facilities
  • Remote access for customers
  • E-mailed reports
  • Secured management of content rotation

"SpinBox takes the process of ad and content rotation to the next level--simplicity," said Paul Dowling, president and CEO of Skyline Network Technologies. "With SpinBox, we have eliminated the endless hours of set-up and programming. Every aspect of SpinBox, from installation to report generation, is as easy as 1-2-3."

SpinBox costs $9,995, and is offered on a 30-day "try & buy" basis with full technical support.