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Excite, Lycos Unveil New Personalized Pages

Excite, Inc. and Lycos, Inc. kicked off the week by announcing the launch of new "personalized" Web start pages today.

Both companies are promising users new personalized interfaces and tools designed to deliver targeted news, services, content features, and communities that are customized according to user preferences.

"Excite today changed the portal space and expanded what it means to be an online service on the Web," said George Bell, president and CEO of Excite, in a statement. "With personalization, we are providing an experience for consumers that is easy to use, customized and comprehensive."

Users of Excite can choose options to deliver local weather, stock quotes, horoscopes, sports scores, news, and TV listings. Services such as daily reminders, personal shopping agents, and favorite columnist features are also available.

Lycos' personalized start page, the Lycos Personal Guide, will also be made available to its Tripod users.

"Lycos Personal Guide offers users much more than just a customized newspaper like those found on other Internet services," said Jan Horsfall, Lycos vice president of marketing. "Personal Guide extends people's ability to leverage the power of the Web beyond an information resource to a fully customizable communications and lifestyle management service."

In addition to offering customized features and content, Personal Guide will feature personal publishing tools to be used for building individual Web sites.

Under a new partnership also announced today, Lycos said that Personal Guide will use PlanetAll's Internet-based contact management technology and services in providing interactive address books and e-mail services.

In related news, Lycos also said it plans to invest $2.5 million in stock in privately-held PlanetAll. Other investors in the Cambridge, MA-based developer of contact management solutions include CMG @Ventures and @rts @lliance.