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Sidana's Introduces Docsan 3.0

Sidana Systems announced Docsan 3.0 this week billing it as a solution with "unprecedented search performance" for large-scale electronic publishing.

Docsan's search engine is designed to merge the Web and CDs into a single publishing platform, while its end-user component runs on Java-enabled browsers.

"This release represents a major milestone for SSI. Large-scale publishers, like those who have embraced Docsan in the past, will find the new power of Docsan particularly appealing," said Sidana Systems' president Ashmeet Sidana.

"For example, when tested, Docsan 3.0 returned search results from a collection of 1.8 million documents in less than one second on an ordinary PC. This clearly establishes Docsan 3.0 as the performance leader for the very large commercial or corporate publisher."

The publishing component of Docsan Publisher, a Windows 95/NT application, has been completely rewritten. It now supports the publication of any file type, with full-text and content-specific indexing of HTML, XML, and SGML. The system allows companies to collect, organize, customize, index and publish large document collections on CD or Web sites for later browsing and searching.

With the new version of Docsan Publisher, the vendor now offers a full range of publishing choices, from a standalone product through to a full-service turnkey solution of document conversion, customization, and delivery.

Docsan Publisher is available immediately. For pricing information, see the vendor's site.