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InterCAP Introduces Free CGM Viewer

InterCAP Graphics Systems announced a new version of its ActiveCGM Browser for viewing, navigating and printing of Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGMs).

A free version of the viewer will be available later in the summer in addition to a commercial version.

John Gebhardt, Chief Technical Officer at InterCAP, said: "We've been continually enhancing our CGM viewing functionality since 1992, and with ActiveCGM Browser 6.0 we offer the most advanced CGM viewers available anywhere. These browsers give technical graphics publishers tremendous flexibility in deploying their applications in UNIX, Windows or NT environments by making high-performance vector graphics available for the Web, or CD distribution, and now we offer a free version."

Among the features of the new CGM browser are zoom and pan control, and support for client-side scripting to allow for customization. Like previous versions, ActiveCGM Browser 6.0 supports CGM Versions 1 through 4 with industry profiles, links between objects and databases, and easy graphics editing when used with the vendor's ActiveCGM Author.

The vendor says that ActiveCGM is the fastest growing format for publishing electronic technical graphics. It defines how to encode 2D vector and raster graphics into compact files that are suitable for publication on the Internet. The format is widely accepted, with hundreds of graphics and CAD applications now able to produce and read CGMs.

ActiveCGM Browser 6.0 will run as a Netscape plug-in or as an ActiveX control for use with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It is also available for HP-UX, Sun Solaris and IBM AIX.