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MyTrack On Right Track to Success?

Track Data Corporation, which earlier this month launched myTrack--a free Internet-based personal investment tool--said the service is already gaining large numbers of users.

More than 6,000 people signed up for the service in the first week of its operation, according to Track Data.

Unlike most online investment services, myTrack has streaming technology that posts continually updated quotes. In other words, users get the updates without having to refresh their screens. They also receive breaking company news, a trade-by-trade log, charting for technical analysis and a proprietary library of intraday market statistics, all at no charge.

For $19.98 per month plus exchange fees, users can subscribe to real-time quotes on myTrack, substantially less than the cost of most other services. One unique feature is Real-Time Implied Price which allows individual investors to save money on exchange fees normally levied for real-time quote access.

Users can customize the way in which information appears on their screens. In contrast to other services, myTrack remains active on the user's desktop, continuously tracking both delayed and real-time stock quotes, mutual funds, market indexes and options.

To use myTrack, the investor needs to register and then download the myTrack software from the vendor's site.

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