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GTE SET Solution Wins Approval from VISA

GTE's CyberTrust Solutions, a certificate processing services using the SET 1.0 spec, has been approved by Visa International.

CyberTrust's Secure Payment Services is also the exclusive provider of MasterCard International-branded SET (Secure Electronic Transmission) digital certificates.

The CyberTrust system is a link between online retailers and the banks that process credit card transactions. CyberTrust performs the certificate management that makes it possible to send encrypted data with credit card transactions. The SET protocol was developed by MasterCard and Visa as an open specification for protecting credit card information as it travels across the public network. SET has been hailed as the long-term solution to the Internet's inherent security flaws but it has been gaining support slowly.

"Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of a customer's identity is the backbone to any successful financial transaction," said Steve Herz, senior vice president, Visa International. GTE's CyberTrust system makes it possible for online sites to set up a certificate management program with any bank within the VISA network.

CyberTrust Secure Payment Services is offered at monthly rates and provides the set up and operation of the SET service, a bundled number of certificates, a range of authorization capabilities, consulting and training.