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Excite@Home Announces Content Deal

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Optus has announced a partnership between it's new cable Internet service, Excite@Home, and Internet portal, ninemsn, enabling Optus@Home subscribers to view ninemsn content over high-speed broadband cable.

Ninemsn will provide Optus@Home with access to Web content and video clips from Channel Nine programs including, National Nine News, A Current Affair, Business Sunday, Sports & Weather, Sunday, 60 Minutes, Footy Show, Good Medicine, Our House and Getaway, while Optus@Home will carry ninemsn's logo and use their Hotmail, search and directories functions.

"Optus@Home continues to be focused on setting the standards for broadband content in Australia," said Chris Chapman, chief executive officer of Excite@Home Australia. The content agreement with ninemsn is a perfect example of the quality content we are looking to provide to our subscribers. The breadth and depth of ninemsn's content will undoubtedly be a compelling reason for even more subscribers to sign-up for Optus@Home.

Delivered over Optus HFC (Hybrid Fibre/Coaxial) cable, Optus@Home is an online service that delivers high speed and immediate connection to the Internet, with broadband content. Optus' broadband services earned AUS $319 million during the last financial year, representing an increase of 105 percent. Australia is a potentially large market for high-speed cable Internet services. Opportunities exist for high-speed Internet services with Australian content like Optus@Home believes Steve Vamos, chief executive officer of ninemsn.

"ninemsn is the clear leader in providing online services and content to Australians," he said. "Our new relationship with Excite@Home, along with similar distribution arrangements, will ensure that ninemsn is easily accessible across all mediums, including new and emerging platforms such as high-speed broadband and mobile networks."