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Seattle Lab Internet Mail Machine Is An Instant E-mail Server

Seattle Lab (Bothell, WA) and Ramp Networks (Santa Clara, CA) recently released Seattle Lab Internet Mail Machine (SLIMM), an instant e-mail server solution that combines integrated hardware with Seattle Lab's software for Windows NT.

The product is aimed at small-to-medium sized companies who are not currently managing their own email - but who would like to reduce the costs of using external e-mail services.

The SLIMM package is composed of a monitor, U.S. Robotics 56K v.90 modem, keyboard, mouse, drives, and a WebRamp M3 from Ramp Networks - plus the software. It contains everything necessary to create a network and get connected to the Internet.

"For company managers who realize they need to quickly set up an email server to make e-mail and the Internet accessible to their employees, this is a simple, affordable solution," said Larry Heberlein, president of Seattle Lab. "The SLIMM computer comes ready to use as a network server, which makes it that much more versatile."

SLIMM provides a one-stop messaging service, with e-mail, Web-based e-mail, telnet, remote administration, and web server capabilities. It can be used as a separate server or in conjunction with existing networks, and - says the vendor - "even works well with Macintoshes or combinations of PC and Macs running on the same network."

The Seattle Lab Internet Mail Machine retails for $3,499.00.