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AdKnowledge: Explorer Nipping at Navigator's Heels

Microsoft's Internet Explorer market share surged to 45.6% during the past six months, up 9.6%, compared to a 52.2% share for Netscape's Navigator, down 8.9%, according to a report released by AdKnowledge.

The Web advertising firm said the increase in Explorer usage reveals that Microsoft has grabbed 10% of Netscape's browser market share during the first half of 1998.

Adding further insult to injury for Netscape, Adknowledge also said that among users of Windows 95, Explorer usage weighed in at 51% with Navigator at 49% during the month of June.

AdKnowledge's browser numbers are compiled from the company's MarketMatch research tool that tracks over 1,100 sites, and from SmartBanner, the performance analysis service for ad agencies and advertisers.

A few weeks ago, Internet industry researcher IDC Corp. reported similar browser market share findings, with Microsoft making impressive strides in the browser battle.

"That most people are using newer browsers is good news for advertisers, since it means online ads can feature the rich media capabilities that are so compelling to viewers," said David Zinman, director of product management for AdKnowledge.

"Also of interest is that, for the first time, Explorer has eclipsed Navigator on one computer platform, Windows 95," said Zinman. "However, ad designers need to develop ads with both browsers in mind as Microsoft is closing the gap on Netscape with respect to browser market share."