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Automatic Syndication Of Content To Web And Wireless

Active Data Exchange and CTNY joined forces this week to allow Internet users to syndicate Internet content to web sites and wireless devices like cell phones, interactive pages, and personal data assistants (PDAs) simultaneously.

CTNY is a wireless application development firm and Active Data Exchange is in the emerging content syndication space. "This is an exciting day," said CTNY CEO Venturi. "Access to the right content at the right time is the key to effective customer relationship management. The goal for every firm is to get that content to the right person exactly when they need it - wherever they are. This partnership with Active Data Exchange makes that possible. Together, we are taking our customers to the next level."

According to Active Data Exchange CEO Susan C. Yee, the firm's Active Data Syndicator product allows users to simultaneously share specific web content with other targeted traditional websites and now through the world of wireless.

"We have an increasing number of industrial, commercial and institutional clients whose field personnel must have continuous access to portions of their Intranets and other Internet sites. By partnering with CTNY, we can deliver mission-critical content to any wireless device in the field."

The key to the information exchange is an XML-based interface with the software of both firms. XML (Extended Markup Language) is a standard programming protocol developed so Internet software can exchange data on common ground. Active Data Exchange is a member of the newly formed XML Protocol Working Group with the W3C. According to Venturi, CTNY has been at the forefront of developments to take XML data and transform it into standards recognized by wireless devices, such as WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) or the Palm operating system.

Lehigh University, an Active Data Exchange client, has agreed to participate in the first pilot of use of this application, according to Yee, by syndicating its sports scores in real time from the game directly to its web sites and now to wireless receivers.

"We know time is money. Active Data Exchange and CTNY are making it possible for critical data to be distributed in real time," said Yee.

Other applications of the technology include the ability for outside salespeople to get immediate information from the corporate office as soon as company Intranets are updated, or for intramodal carriers to allow managers and customers to be in touch with drivers about critical loads through a wireless Extranet.

Venturi said he is excited about this technology partnership because "it moves the ball forward on wireless use in the US. We're behind Europe, in part, because US firms weren't sure how they could blend a wireless communications strategy with a web strategy." Venturi said, "Active Data Exchange and CTNY working together bridge that gap, providing a comprehensive and unified communications solution."