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KatieSoft Scroll Supercharges Top Browsers

KatieSoft released KatieSoft Scroll 3.0, an intelligent web interface designed to supercharge both of the two leading browsers (Microsoft Explorer and the Netscape range).

KatieSoft Scroll makes surfing more efficient and gives users what the vendor calls "advanced control" over Internet content.

"Many features have been added to web browsers over the past few years, but surprisingly, there have been no real enhancements made to the user interface," said Brian Duperrouzel, CEO and co-founder of KatieSoft. "KatieSoft Scroll revolutionizes the way that people view and surf the web by tailoring the interface to meet their needs. KatieSoft Scroll gives users more power without a steep learning curve."

Unlike normal browsers, KatieSoft Scroll presents the user with a unique multi-paned interface that allows for up to four simultaneous views. This makes it easier to surf multiple sites, view different areas of a single site, and compare content from one page to another. Users can drag and drop hyperlinks to open pages without having to open additional browser windows or leave the main page which they are browsing.

"KatieSoft Scroll's approach to browsing streamlines a wide range of online activities, from a casual e-shopper comparing goods over a home connection to a researcher or broker looking to compare data or instantly expand numerous page results over the speediest digital line," said Angus Chassels, the other co-founder of KatieSoft.

A fully functional 30-day demo of KatieSoft Scroll 3.0 is available for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0.