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On The Go Upgrades Expense Reporting Software

On The Go Software announced an upgrade to its popular expense reporting software.

Quicken ExpensAble 98 tightly integrates Internet travel services and includes over 20 enhancements to make life easier for the business traveler. It also has a server-based module, ExpensAble InSite, which is accessible over the Web and allows companies to keep their employees up-to-date on travel policy guidelines.

"ExpensAble InSite creates a win-win for all stops in the enterprise," said Jim Wolcott, On The Go Software executive vice president and founder. "The corporate traveler has an easy-to-use travel tool that gets reimbursements faster. By knowing the rules, he or she faces fewer questions and challenges. On the company side, InSite makes it easy for management to maintain control over travel expenses."

Quicken ExpensAble 98 comes with 30 expense report forms, together with facilities for allocating expenses among two or more clients--a feature the vendor believes will be especially useful. The travel, hotel and currency "genies" (wizards) that have been successful in helping existing users of ExpensAble software are improved for this edition. For Internet access the software has a built-in Web browser, allowing users to directly book a trip online, check weather sites or get updates on currency exchange rates.

Quicken ExpensAble 98 is priced at $49.95 and includes a free ExpensAble InSite server license for up to 25 users.