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Aladdin Expander 2.0 Is Universal File Expander

Aladdin Systems is shipping Aladdin Expander 2.0, a product that is designed to enable Windows users to expand all popular compressed and encoded files downloaded from the Internet.

A freeware product, it even expands StuffIt-compressed Macintosh files, the vendor said.

"Aladdin Expander is the only solution for Windows users that easily handles the myriad of file formats found online," said Jonathan Kahn, VP sales at Aladdin. "We've introduced our new Windows product in a fun way with the 'Expand Your Horizons' Web contest. It lets users know there are alternatives to the decompression products currently available and Aladdin Expander can handle the formats found online that others can't."

Aladdin Expander is made to feature support for long file names and MIME/Base64 encoded files, and has facilities for joining Macintosh-segmented archives. It decompresses files from most of the popular formats found online, including Zip, UUencode, BinHex, MacBinary, Arc, Arj, and gzip. It also has decryption facilities for Private File, the vendor's commercial security software that allows users to send documents over the Internet safely, the vendor said.

Aladdin Expander for Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0 is available as a free executable (.exe) download or on diskette from Aladdin Systems for $7.50.