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TrueFace Made to Secure Net Access

Miros Inc. introduced TrueFace Web, biometric tool for securing Web access.

TrueFace Web compares live video to a previously stored image of a user's face, and is designed to ensure a very high level of security for Internet, intranet or extranet access.

"People are burdened by multiple passwords, PINs, cards and tokens to access Web accounts," said Dr. Michael Kuperstein, CEO and president of Miros. "These security measures are vulnerable to theft, fraud and human error. TrueFace Web allows companies to Web-enable valuable services and fraud."

TrueFace Web uses patented face recognition techniques, which in turn are based on neural network technology intended to enable a computer to "recognize" a face. An additional level of security is provided by the TrueFace audit trail, which records an image of the user's face with every transaction. It also has built-in fraud detection that prevents it from being fooled by a photograph.

"These safety and deterrent measures protect against people stealing identities and committing online fraud," the vendor said in a statement.

If TrueFace Web is installed on a corporate system, security officers no longer need to assign, track, and administer passwords--saving time and money as well as increasing security, said the vendor. TrueFace Web is currently being demonstrated at the vendor's Web site.