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Weddings and Wills Go Online in U.K.

[London, ENGLAND] Two more Internet services launched in the U.K. on Monday -- a wedding planner at hitched.co.uk, and, for the less optimistic, a will writing service named WillWizard at moneyextra.com.

Hitched, the wedding planner, says it believes that a wedding should be "the best and brightest day of your life." To help achieve it, the site offers a wealth of information, including to-do lists for guests, speech-writing tips, a guide to invitation etiquette, a shop for gifts and a selection of what it calls "jokes and pranks for bride and groom."

Dean Yardley, managing director of Hitched -- who speaks as if from experience -- said that weddings are complicated enough without having to wade through pages of meaningless text.

"The Hitched planner can be ready to go in under thirty seconds and it covers eighteen of the most frantic months of many people's lives. For once technology really is making life simpler," claimed Yardley.

It may take only thirty seconds to plan your wedding, but writing a will on the Internet takes around five minutes.

Using WillWizard, people in England and Wales can prepare a simple will by following 10 steps, thus avoiding all the complications and expense of consulting a solicitor.

Mark Bogard, managing director of moneyextra.com, noted that fewer than one in three people in England and Wales have made a will, leaving their families open to possible problems with inheritance in the future.

"Now there's no excuse thanks to moneyextra.com. Our WillWizard service is quick, easy to use and free, ideal for people wanting to write a straightforward will with minimal hassle," said Bogard.

With an admirable sense of responsibility, moneyextra.com points out that wealthy individuals looking to minimize inheritance tax should consult a lawyer.

And, being under different management from Hitched, there are no jokes and pranks for the bereaved.