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BSDI Launches Latest Internet Server

Berkeley Software Design (BSDI) launched its latest server product, Internet Super Server 4.0.

Described as a complete software package, it includes the operating system, together with Web, e-mail, and e-commerce services. It is aimed primarily at Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporate intranets, the vendor said.

Speaking in support of the product, Steven Freed, VP operations at Magic Software Development, said: "Our number one priority is the reliability and stability of the systems, and we have been very pleased with the stability and performance of BSD/OS. In short, the only reason these machines come down is to do maintenance or because of hardware failure. Our reputation and our livelihood depend on it."

BSDI reported that out of the 4,500 ISPs in the United States, over 3,000 of them rely on BSDI Internet servers. Some customers have said that their BSDI servers have completed over 500 days of operation with zero downtime, despite heavy mission-critical loads.

Internet Super Server 4.0 includes the Apache Web Server and Sendmail e-mail with spam protection, the firm said, adding that for electronic commerce it uses real-time credit card processing and storefront/catalog development tools from Htmlscript Corporation. Other tools in the package include Software.com's Post Office e-mail, Raima's Velocis database, and WebBUILDER Website design tools from Visual Programming Environment (VPE).