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TWTC Adds Universal Search Power To Mata Hari

The WebTools Company added what it calls "Universal Search Power" to its Mata Hari desktop Internet search tool.

Via a single checkbox, it is made to provide users with the advantages of translating the bewildering variety of search engine dialects into a standard query format.

"Mata Hari is like a turbocharger strapped onto existing Internet search engines," said Jerry Tardif, TWTC's president. "Any capability within Mata Hari--phrase searching, plain-text searching, extensive Boolean operators, use of special search characters, or flexible filter options--now applies to the more than 140 search engines supported by our product. Once users learn several powerful search features and our universal syntax, they can apply them at will to any search engine."

With Mata Hari the user begins by querying the "card catalogs" that are maintained by the selected source engines. It retrieves these documents then uses an internal full-text indexing engine to evaluate whether they meet the search specification. The whole process is very fast because its multi-threaded design allows simultaneous document retrievals and processing, the firm said.

Available for Windows 98, 95 and NT, Mata Hari costs $34.95. There is a free 30-day evaluation, and distribution of the commercial product is solely via the Internet.