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Outside In Server Converts 200 Formats Into Web Pages

Inso Corporation announced the availability of Outside In Server 1.0, a Web server-based, "on-demand," HTML conversion product.

It is designed to automatically convert over two hundred different file formats--including those from the latest Microsoft, Lotus and Corel office suites--into customized Web pages.

"Outside In Server eliminates the need for organizations to manually convert documents and graphics into HTML, GIF, and JPEG for Web access, thereby providing the potential for enormous savings in cost and time," said Scott Norder, VP and general manager of Inso's Dynamic Document Exchange division.

"Unlike today's static HTML conversion tools, Outside In Server translates source files only on-demand, eliminating the time and effort normally required for conversion, guaranteeing web delivery of the latest version of a document, and eliminating synchronization issues between the original and Web versions."

Outside In Server converts over 200 Windows, Unix, Macintosh and DOS file formats into HTML, GIF, and JPEG. The company states that users can now author and maintain their word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, and presentation documents in native formats while also having them instantly accessible in HTML for users of Web browsers. Outside In Server can also recognize documents created in 14 languages, automatically switching Web browsers to the language needed.

Available immediately for Windows NT 4.0, the company said that Outside In Server integrates with Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0 or 4.0, Netscape FastTrack Server 3.0, and Netscape Enterprise Server 3.0 or 3.51. Prices start at $10,000.