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Multiplatform WebSeed Improves Search Engine Rankings

Arial Software announced WebSeed, a tool for generating Web pages that improve search engine rankings and increase site traffic.

It is designed to work like a mail merge engine for Web documents, creating search-phrase-targeted Web pages that contain natural text instead of the repeated keywords generated by conventional meta-tag tools.

Mike Adams, the creator of WebSeed and president of Arial Software, explained that search engines look at keyword density to calculate page relevance--and that WebSeed lets the user create high-density pages containing chosen phrases.

"There's no point bringing people to your site who were searching for something else. Choose search phrases that represent your content," he said.

WebSeed runs on the webseed.com web site and requires no downloading. It is licensed on a per-domain basis for $245 per year of unlimited use. Alternatively, users may try the software in Lite mode free of charge.