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EagleWatch Version 2.0 Launched

Eolian, Inc. today announced the release of EagleWatch 2.0, its content tracking and delivery software for ISPs and enterprises.

The EagleWatch product pre-loads Eolian's Web caching server, InfoStorm, to ensure that users download the latest version of Web pages, the firm stated.

According to Eolian, EagleWatch is the only shared content tracking service that allows Web caching servers to share the content checking workload, which reduces total bandwidth used by each server.Eolian said EagleWatch is the most cost effective pre-loading service available.

A suite of improved content tracking algorithms that have been implemented in Version 2.0 include:

  • Time Zone Tracking--EagleWatch now tracks user access patterns across all time zones and uses that data to pre-load popular information into caches for each subsequent time zone around the world.

  • Adaptive Update Learning--EagleWatch predicts when individual content providers will update their pages. Information is then updated in the cache as soon as it becomes available on the Web site, before the first user requests it.

  • Line Utilization Optimization--EagleWatch offers the option of setting the amount of bandwidth allocated to freshness checking. Now it is possible to set bandwidth utilization so usage is always minimized.

"Many organizations feel that Web caching doesn't make sense for them because their user community isn't very large," said Pamela Maloney, Marketing Director of Eolian. "But EagleWatch unique shared content tracking approach allows them to be part of a much larger user group, ensuring content freshness while minimizing the amount of bandwidth needed to maintain that freshness."

Pricing for EagleWatch is free during the first year with a purchase of from $1,000 to $12,000, depending on the size of the InfoStorm unit and the Internet connection throughput.

Lifetime subscriptions are priced between $1,800 and $20,000. Controlled release of version 2.0 to selected customers will begin on September 25, 1998. Full production release is scheduled for late October.