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Funeral-Cast First and Only Site Broadcasting Funerals

[Burlington, CANADA] Launched in August, Funeral-cast.com is a unique application of Web technologies allowing family, friends and acquaintances the opportunity to view funeral, memorial, and graveside services online from any location.

Site activity during the first 60 days of operation has has far exceeded the companys expectations.

Visitors to the site have viewed over 11,000 funeral, memorial, or graveside services and over 27,000 viewings of online death notices and or online memorials have occurred.

Services have been viewed from as far away as France, Poland, and Australia.

The funeral homes are supplied with self installable kits, starting at US $1500 that allow for easy installation in about 2 hours.

The kits include everything needed to broadcast both live streaming and video on demand services. They include:

  • Sony Mini DV Digital Camera.
  • Camera mount (ceiling, wall or tripod).
  • High impedance wireless directional microphone.
  • Audio capture and playback card.
  • Video capture and playback card.
  • Wireless Audio/Video transmitter/receiver.
  • Web encoding software package.
  • Funeral broadcast on www.funeral-cast.com
The number of funeral homes utilizing the services of the site is growing continually, averaging two new ones on board each week.

Infinite Design Software is currently in negotiation with several firms to bring the product to other countries around the globe.

Infinite Design is the largest developer and supplier of funeral home management software in Canada and offers the funeral-cast services through both independent and corporately owned funeral homes.