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AlterEgo Takes Adaptive Network to Europe

[London, ENGLAND] Infrastructure software company AlterEgo Networks Inc. announced Monday that it can now serve the whole European market from its London-based European headquarters, using a scalable backbone from WorldCom subsidiary UUNET.

The Adaptive Network, as AlterEgo calls its infrastructure, uses XML data conversion to deliver Web content and applications to mobile devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, pagers and information appliances. It claims its approach avoids the latency and congestion caused by conventional infrastructures.

AlterEgo has already established its business in the United States, and the latest move is a natural progression, given the highly developed market for mobile devices in Europe. The company says it plans "aggressive expansion in Europe," adding service clusters and country offices throughout the continent.

Richard Ling, president and chief executive of AlterEgo Networks, said Europe not only appreciates the potential of the wireless Web but also knows the enormous efforts that must be expended to advance it.

"Enterprises, mobile carriers and content producers will face mounting challenges as diverse form factors and protocols infiltrate this market while a rapidly growing subscriber base threatens to impact future performance and reliability," said Ling, summing up some of the serious challenges that lie ahead.

Ling believes that AlterEgo's combination of adaptation and delivery will help to further the early lead Europe has built within the wireless market. Other observers have warned that the European lead in wireless technology could disappear unless the industry is quickly put on a firm commercial footing.

Providing the scalable backbone for Europe's first Adaptive Network is WorldCom subsidiary UUNET, which will house co-located servers at its various data center facilities. AlterEgo reports that the first implementation has already gone live at Stockholm, Sweden.