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USCS Introduces New Customer Service Tool

USCS International announced Direct Access 3.0, a new customer service tool designed to let customers access statement processing data at a secure Web site.

The system provides real-time data viewing and reporting capabilities, enabling customers to make statement-related business decisions more rapidly. USCS's subsidiary, International Billing Services (IBS), is responsible for the new service.

Direct Access 3.0 links customers directly to IBS's relational databases. It tracks the status of each job, from initial data transmission, through processing and creation, to the final placement of statements in the mailstream. Users may have direct password-protected access to their account information.

"Our customers are increasingly using the Web for business applications and we want to capitalize on this medium to communicate mission critical information about their statement processing jobs," said Tom Roberts, VP marketing for IBS. "Direct Access 3.0 is now even more user friendly and accessible, but still retains the high level of security that our customers demand."

In the United States, USCS serves more than 50 percent of all cable television subscribers, 40 percent of all cellular telephone subscribers and 11 percent of all landline telephone subscribers.