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Wireless Broadband Goes to Poland

[London, ENGLAND] Within four years the whole of Poland will be served with a wireless broadband Internet service, following a US $37 million deal announced Tuesday between service provider Pro Futuro and network builder Alcatel.

Pro Futuro, which is licensed by the Polish Government to operate nationally, has selected Alcatel to supply and implement a broadband network, beginning initially in Lublin and surrounding areas and then taking it to the rest of the country.

Pro Futuro's Chairman Jacek Zientkiewicz said the agreement with Alcatel will provide his company with the tools and support to become a leading communications service provider with a full range of advanced telecoms services including broadband and high-speed Internet.

The new network will use the Alcatel 7670 Routing Switch Platform, taking some of the most advanced switching technology to one of Europe's least developed markets. A multi-protocol platform it will form the core of Pro Futuro's network and provide high capacity, QoS-assured, carrier class switching and routing.

One key feature of Alcatel's platform is the way in which it scales from an initial 50 Gb/s to 450 Gb/s during operation, thus ensuring that there is always adequate capacity for users.

Alcatel's local multipoint distribution service operates in the 26 GHz band and provides access to the service.

"Alcatel will enable Pro Futuro to achieve its ambitious plan to roll out broadband wireless services nationwide within the next four years," confirmed Pearse Flynn, president of Alcatel's Carrier Networking Group.

Pro Futuro says it is committed to providing mass market broadband networking services in Poland. Having started its roll-out of services in Lublin it plans to tackle Warsaw and Katowice by the end of the year.

66 percent of Pro Futuro is controlled by the National Investment Fund `Jupiter' Inc. which is backing the latest investment in broadband technology.