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DataChannel Enhances RIO

Infrastructure company DataChannel Inc. Monday announced that it has incorporated eXtensible Security Architecture (XSA), into its flagship product, DataChannel RIO.

DataChannel RIO provides a framework for creating two-way portals on corporate intranets and extranets. With XSA embedded within DataChannel RIO, customers have a secure framework for integrating business-to-business and e-commerce applications with other information systems.

"XSA provides the critical security functionality needed to migrate important e-commerce applications to corporate intranets and extranets without creating additional hurdles for end users or headaches for IT staffers," said David Pool, DataChannel's founder and chief executive officer.

XSA functionality will be available in the DataChannel RIO 3.2 version scheduled for release in the fourth quarter. Pricing starts at $9,500 for the server and up to 100 user licenses.