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Get Ready, Get Set, Go.com

Walt Disney Internet Group Tuesday relaunched its Go.com Web search service.

The revamped site vastly differs from its predecessor, which was a general interest portal competing with the likes of Yahoo and AOL. The new site focuses on the entertainment and leisure industries, noted Steve Bornstein, chairman of Walt Disney Internet Group.

"Consumers are increasingly looking for an easier way to find information on the Web on what to do with their free time -- that means entertainment, sports, travel and family activities -- areas where Disney excels," he said. "We believe we are in a unique position to lead in this category, and that our new Web guide meets that need. With its new focus, Go.com is an extremely compelling consumer proposition."

Features of the site include Go Guides, a community of more than 35,000 volunteer reviewers who rate sites based on their areas of interest. The community votes on "proven picks," including the best Web sites, restaurants, concerts, sporting events, TV and movie listings, and travel destinations in response to a related topic.

The site is unlike other search engines or content provides, according to Bornstein. "For example, by entering 'jazz music festivals' in Go.com's search box, not only will users find search engine results and the Go Guides' top-rated sites, the activity finder will enable the user to locate jazz music events in his or her area," he said.

As part of the re-launch, Go.com has added the Wall of Sound Soundbooth, a customizable radio on the Web. The Web guide additionally offers interactive features, including the Guardian filter to protect children from adult content, mail, message boards and chats, personal calendars and reminders and e-invites and more.

The launch comes after months of planning and delays. Go.com was formed after Disney acquired a majority stake in Infoseek Corp., a popular search engine that competed with Yahoo and AOL. Last November when it completed its acquisition of Infoseek, Go.com said it would take time to refocus its strategy. Disney hoped to unveil the new Go.com in late spring or early summer this year, but the date kept getting pushed back.