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Indian Company Develops 448-bit Encryption Package

It was reported in "The Times of India" this week that Signitron in Calcutta, India has developed an encryption software package using a powerful 448-bit key.

Called EMD Armor--but packaged and sold as Sigma 2000--it can encrypt all the data stored on a PC. A very low cost system, with prices as low as Rs 1,650 ($38), it provides extremely good privacy. The company said it would take at least 2 trillion years to crack the code.

K. Kundu, Signitron India Director, explained that EMD Armor is based on the Blowfish algorithm, developed by cryptography guru Bruce Schneir and placed in the public domain. Signitron is said to have sold a substantial number of copies of the EMD Armor encryption software in the West.

Kurdu went on to say that the product combines the highest key strength, a fast encryption speed (60 MB per minute), and online encryption. This means, he said, that non-encyrpted data is never stored on the user's hard disk.

Although U.S. law prohibits the export of 128-bit asymmetric keys, the Signitron software gives the rest of the world a virtually unbreakable method of encrypting data. It will pose a further challenge to governments around the world, who are struggling with the issue of strong encryption.