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Latest VM:Webgateway Debuts for Mainframe Users

Sterling Software's VM Software Division announced a new version of VM:Webgateway, a solution that enables users to Web-enable and Web-enhance mainframe applications.

In this latest version, users can use desktop publishing tools--including Microsoft FrontPage--to manage mainframe content. No knowledge of FTP or VM's file systems is necessary.

Other new features in VM:Webgateway include better security, with the ability to recognize and process client certificates to authenticate users. VM:Webgateway also now creates an accounting record that keeps track of how many resources are consumed via browser access. Any accounting package can process this record, says the vendor, and companies can use it for chargeback.

"VM:Webgateway lets us give our online databases a new look with an easy-to-use graphical interface," said Wayne Resnick, IT manager for Exponent Failure Analysis Associates. "Plus with this new release, IT staff who are either new to Web technology or not familiar with the mainframe can easily Web-enable legacy applications using Web design tools like FrontPage. So now everybody is more productive."

VM:Webgateway lets users Web-enhance applications on multiple platforms, namely: OS/390 (MVS), VM, and VSE. The solution includes both software and professional services for installation and implementation.