RealTime IT News to Translate Events Site

[London, ENGLAND] Translation specialist is to turn all the content on Germany's popular Internet events listing site into English and other languages, the new partners have announced.

Founded in January 2000, currently lists over 5,000 Internet events on its site every week, in categories ranging from art and entertainment, to computers, Web, music, kids and news.

For example, if former Beatle Paul McCartney is to broadcast on the Internet about his paintings -- as currently scheduled -- lists the date and time, and provides a brief description of the event. will begin by translating into English for the new site, followed by other versions in French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

Nicole Ludwig, general manager of, said that for real success it was essential to have a worldswide audience when conducting business on the Internet.

"This English translation is the first step in the globalization of, and will enable us to bring rich Internet programming to millions of English speaking users," said Ludwig.

On, users can find a huge variety of events such as self-help chat groups, chats with stars, links to trade shows and fairs, and live broadcasting events such as concerts, Web-Radio, Web TV, etc. While there are other listings, notably on Yahoo!, few of them match the presentation skills of the German site.

At present serving around a million page-impressions monthly, venture capital-backed expects its popularity to rocket once it has an English version.

Frank Salgado, vice-president of operations for, said the task of translating fits perfectly with his company's mission of globalizing content on the Internet by removing the language barrier. itself is in the process of launching a new site -- a language portal named that will carry the latest news translated into native languages for a worldwide audience.