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Site Recruits for Advertising, Marketing Industries

[Toronto, CANADA] The labor-intensive and costly process of finding talent to work in the competitive fields of advertising, marketing, public relations and special events will be significantly improved with the launch of thesixthdegree.com, according to Steve Carubba, the president and chief executive officer.

The site is a specialized online recruiting Web site that combines the services of traditional job boards with a database of professionals specific to the North American advertising and marketing industries.

"Everywhere we look, the Internet is making new things possible, things that we never dreamed we'd be capable of doing. Now, it is creating a new market for efficient, low-cost recruiting," said Carubba.

Using sophisticated search engines and proprietary designed software developed by Toronto-based Baldhead Systems, thesixthdegree.com provides signaling systems to electronically link "talent with talent."

Employers using the service begin by providing a detailed profile of their ideal candidate for any given position. They can then view resumes, review references, pre-screen, select and ultimately contact suitable candidates.

In addition to features which differentiate the site from existing Internet-based recruitment tools currently available, the site will offer general industry contacts which are useful when forming strategic alliances, partnerships, or looking for acquisition prospects.

In addition, information on industry salary ranges will be made available.

"The site will bring to advertising and marketing what Workopolis brings to recruiting. This new service will change the economic model of how recruiting is done," said Peter Housley, president and chief executive officer of Interactive Media Corporation.