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Tidemark To Launch Web-Based Permitting System

Tidemark Computer Systems said it will launch a fully supported, Web-based, municipal permitting system on February 15, 1999.

Tidemark Connect will allow people to check the status of permits, schedule inspections, review and comment on documents and plans via the Net. It is, said the vendor, the next logical step in the evolution of municipal permit automation.

Tidemark Connect will be used with the vendor's basic permit automation system PERMIT*PLAN v2.5. Municipalities will not need to run a Web server but instead can have the software hosted by an Internet service provider. The service is designed to be as simple as possible to use, not only for municipal staff but also for citizens and customers who will need only a knowledge of Windows.

"The mistakes and delays associated with paper-based, manual entry record keeping are being eliminated by automation technology," said Bob Newton, president and CEO of Tidemark. "Now, the next steps are to replace the expensive, customized, high-maintenance automated systems with off-the-shelf technology and then make it all accessible on the web. That's what we've done."

One community pioneering the new techniques is San Carlos in California's Silicon Valley which selected PERMIT*PLAN v2.5 last year. It will start to issue permits from the new system on January 4, 1999.