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Metrowerks Will Ship New Java-Only Tools In January

Metrowerks said it will ship CodeWarrior Professional for Java and CodeWarrior Academic for Java in January, 1999.

The two products are Java-only versions of the CodeWarrior tools that are widely-used to support development for C, C++, Java and Pascal. A Macintosh version of CodeWarrior Academic for Java will be included on the Apple Developer Connection Student Program CD.

Both of the new Java-only products will be available for Macintosh and Windows platforms, and both will be consistent with the current multi-language product at the Release 4 version level. The key feature of all the CodeWarrior products is their very high compliance with Java standards.

For large corporations, one of the key benefits of using the CodeWarrior products is their maintenance of file compatibility and general appearance across Macintosh, Windows, and Solaris hosts. They enable an organization to maintain a consistent graphical development environment across all systems, but they also let individual developers use their favorite platform.

"We have received numerous requests from the Java development community to create a dedicated Java tool set for those developers who are solely engaged in Java development," said Jean Belanger, chairman and CEO of Metrowerks.

"We had separate, standalone Java products for Macintosh and Windows in the past. Now that we have integrated our Macintosh and Windows tools, shipped our Solaris-hosted Java tools, and are about to unveil our RAD support for GUI development, we feel the time is right to re-introduce a standalone Java product."

CodeWarrior Professional for Java Release 4 will cost $199, while CodeWarrior Academic for Java Release 4 will sell to educational institutions for the lower price of $79.