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RapidWeb Aims at Customer Interaction

Inventa Corp. introduced RapidWeb, a solution framework for companies that want to deploy online sales, one-to-one marketing or customer service capabilities with minimum risk.

RapidWeb helps clients to realize the benefits of Internet Customer Interaction (ICI), delivering business value from an ICI initiative in just six weeks.

The current RapidWeb service offerings are: RapidWeb eCommerce, for building a sales channel on the Internet; RapidWeb eMarketing, for one-to-one marketing; RapidWeb eCustomBuilder, offering build-to-order capabilities; and RapidWeb eService, for 24x7 service and support.

One of the key benefits of RapidWeb is that it gives companies a chance to identify all the technical and administrative issues before embarking on a large-scale deployment. Yet it also produces real sales for the client very quickly.

"Inventa partners with customers to help them quickly reap the benefits of leveraging the Internet for sales and service," said Ashok Santhanam, chairman and founder of Inventa. "RapidWeb builds on our unparalleled expertise in complex, large-scale deployments to let client executives quickly demonstrate the promise of ICI for their business."