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Latest NetAccelerator Suite Blocks Advertising

IMSI announced NetAccelerator Version 2 Deluxe, the latest version of it speed surfing product that now allows users to block advertising.

NetAccelerator pre-fetches links while users browse, anticipating the jumps to other pages that users are likely to make. It uses the "idle time" of the modem to search out and download these pages, which include users' most commonly visited sites.

One of NetAccelerator's key features is called AdsOff, an advertising blocker that works together with another program, OnTrack, to create a barrier against the download of ad text, graphics, pop-up windows, and banner ads on the Internet.

"By blocking Web site advertising from being downloaded, AdsOff and OnTrack cut down on unwanted downloads that would otherwise hog the users' modem," Stern said. "AdsOff frees up the modem, allowing NetAccelerator to work even harder."

Other features include Web Sleuth from Prompt Software that lets users conduct online searches efficiently, using five powerful search engines; and Jackhammer, which penetrates busy web sites by working in the background to make the connection.

NetAccelerator Version 2 Deluxe will not be available until February, 1999, and will then be available in computer software stores throughout the United States at an estimated street price of $39.95.