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Tribeworks Offers iShell Free For All

Tribeworks announced that it is offering its professional-level iShell multimedia tool free to all users who register at its Web site.

People who register will automatically become part of the Tribeworks Free Member program which qualifies them for free software for Macintosh and Windows NT.

At the same time, Tribeworks is switching to a commercial open source distribution model for its software. Developers who become full members of the Tribeworks program will be entitled to the source code. The new model is expected to expand iShell's functionality as users add their own features to it.

iShell offers a very high level of control over the assembly and delivery of interactive media projects using Internet media, full-motion video and CD-quality audio. A multiplatform system, running on both Macintosh and Windows machines, it seamlessly integrates all media types supported by QuickTime 3.

"For the first time, creative professionals have a choice," said Duncan Kennedy, president and CEO of Tribeworks. "They can now build exactly what they need instead of wrestling with the limitations of pre-packaged, closed-architecture software."

Free membership brings a fully-functional Editor, but runtime executables must be registered and downloaded separately for each project. Full membership costs $2000 per annum, and brings access to the source code, extensive technical support, and additional plug-ins and utilities.