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Balisoft Delivers E-mailContact App

Balisoft Technologies Inc. in Toronto delivered its E-mailContact app, e-mail response management software designed to intelligently route and track customer queries.

E-mailContact "is a next generation standards-based solution that seamlessly integrates with any SMTP / POP3 e-mail server and client software combination," enabling companies to manage and monitor in-bound e-mail queries from customers.

E-mailContact can be combined with LiveContact from Balisoft, which provides the ability to provide real-time multimedia interaction with customers via text chat, collaboration and voice.

Jupiter Communications has predicted that by 2002 some 465 million messages will be generated per day by 116 million online users--up from about 175 million messages per day today, Balisoft said.

As online customer service becomes an even more important factor affecting repeat business for online sellers, that e-mail response management software will be ever more critical as a competitive advantage, Balisoft said.

E-mailContact provides powerful routing and queuing capabilities, enabling organizations to automatically forward incoming queries to the appropriate person or group for review and response. In addition to tracking, categorizing and routing e-mail, E-mailContact maintains a searchable history of all e-mail threads, and can generate a comprehensive set of reports for measuring customer service effectiveness.

"E-mailContact capitalizes on the lessons learned from the first generation e- mail response products," said Mark Skapinker, Balisoft CEO. "We have implemented standard e-mail protocols that can be used with the major e-mail clients and servers, and have combined that with a highly scalable and elegant e-mail management system."

"The combination of E-mailContact and LiveContact creates an Internet customer service solution that deals with all elements of direct customer interaction over the Internet," he said.