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SLMail Gets G5 Messaging Capability

Seattle Lab is adding a G5 Messaging capability to SLMail, its flagship e-mail server for Windows 95, 98, and NT.

The enhancement is made possible by partnering with 5th Generation Messaging, a British firm. Benefits include: proof of delivery, legally admissible electronic originals for archiving, and file type negotiation, the companies said.

"Electronic messaging is such a central part of enterprises today that it makes no sense for messaging technologies not to be unified," said Larry Heberlein, president of Seattle Lab.

"Enterprises are demanding that the information flow on which they depend become unified and manageable. . .Having recently joined the G5 Messaging Forum, Seattle Lab want to be among the first vendors to bring this powerful new technology to our customers."

It was also announced this week that 5th Generation Messaging is working with Seattle Lab to build SLFax, a fax/e-mail gateway. G5 messages can be delivered over a variety of transports, including the Internet (SMTP), an IP network and a carrier (GSTN).