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Elemental Software's Drumbeat 2000 Hits the Streets

Elemental Software is now shipping Drumbeat 2000, the third major release of its Web development software.

For developers who are building complex, data-driven web applications, Drumbeat 2000 is designed to offer many advantages. They include a visual drag-and-drop interface and application wizards that reduce the time and skill needed for the task.

Developers can now use an enhanced DataForm Wizard to create pages that automatically include dropdown lists, list boxes, edit boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, sliders and many other user interface elements. A refined Drumbeat SQL Wizard takes advantage of stored procedures, views and parameterized queries, while a new Interactions Center includes hundreds of new Point-and-Click interactions to simplify building data-driven Web applications., the company said.

"Rapid deployment of Web applications is a business imperative," Peter Hirshberg, president and CEO of Elemental Software. "Web applications are approachable, cross-platform and can be deployed without maintenance problems or configuration headaches. There is no faster or easier way to build powerful web interfaces to database and applications than with Drumbeat 2000."

Drumbeat 2000 may be purchased direct from the vendor, via the company's Web site, for $399.