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Kona Releases Quick Digital Picture Utility

Kona Systems this week announced Show The World, claiming it is the "fastest way to publish digital photographs to the World Wide Web."

Show The World is designed to let the user preview Web photo albums in a standard browser, assign images to any page, and add and delete album pages. It has automatic thumbnail creation.

Digital photographs can be organized into an album with speed and efficiency. All photographs can be cropped and resized, and the brightness and contrast changed. The product is not a fully fledged image editor, but has tools for the most commonly-used transformations.

"Show the World is designed for people who already have an Internet account, and are looking for a fast way to set up a meaningful Web site," said C.J. Villa, president of Kona Systems. "Unlike other Web photo albums, Show The World lets you build up your own Web site, not that of the hosting vendor."

Show The World for Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0, requires the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine and costs $49.95.