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Beyond.com Enhances Digital Software Delivery

Software retailer Beyond.com unveiled a proprietary process for the Internet Explorer browser that lets consumers download digitized software from the Internet to the computer desktop with a few simple clicks.

The company said that its Beyond.com Download Manager enables people to download software digitally from Microsoft's browser more easily than before, rather than ordering software in a box whose disks or CD-ROMs must then be manually loaded onto a computer.

"With the Beyond.com Download Manager, all software automatically downloads directly to the desktop, creating a new icon on the user screen," said Mark Breier, president and chief executive officer of Beyond.com. "Downloading software is now a matter of following a few, easy prompts. Once software has been downloaded to a desktop, activating that software is simply another mouseclick."

Beyond.com said it expects to unveil a comparable Download Manager for Netscape's Navigator browser in coming months.

"Software that is digitized, and therefore can be downloaded from the Internet in bits and bytes, accounts for a growing percentage of the software we sell," said Beyond.com Chief Technology Officer John Pettitt.

"Before today, the digital download of software was a challenge even for experienced, Internet- savvy customers. Beyond.com's Download Manager changes all that, making the digital delivery of software so easy just about anyone can do it."

Over the next six months, Pettitt said the company plans continuous improvements to the ease and simplicity of digitally downloading software from its site.

Beyond.com has about 39,000 software stock-keeping units (SKUs) available for online purchase with 5,600 SKUs available for immediate, electronic delivery, including software from Adobe, Lotus, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Symantec.