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WebKing Makes Sites "Flawless"

ParaSoft Corp. recently released its new Web management tool, WebKing, designed to make Web sites flawless by fixing errors and testing thoroughly before the sites go online.

WebKing is the main module of a new range of Web tools from ParaSoft, and is the first to provide Web managers with everything necessary for overhauling their sites and keeping them up-to-date.

The management tool automatically tests for bad links, spelling errors, missing sources, malformed URLs, empty URLs, duplicate and missing anchors, orphaned files, site replication and other criteria. The company said it has the world's first HTML-aware spell checker, which checks spelling without returning false reports triggered by HTML tags.

"Web site quality has been and still is seriously neglected," said ParaSoft CEO Adam Kolawa. "Companies are setting much lower standards for their Web sites than they do for their other critical business tools."

"This isn't because they lack a commitment to quality, but because it is nearly impossible to produce an impeccable Web site using the tools that are currently available. What is so great about WebKing is that it gives Web developers the ability to create Web sites of the highest quality--without any additional work."

WebKing also automates publishing, page compression, source control management, file replication and site packaging. It can test sites stored on local directories, ensuring that they are completely error-free when they go online.

A beta version of WebKing is available immediately, and the product is expected to ship on Windows and Linux in the first quarter of 1999.