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Media Metrix Canada Releases September Web Use Report

[Toronto, CANADA] Media Metrix Canada has released its latest Total Canada at Home Web Use Report. The monthly report on Canadian Web usage shows that over 12 million Canadians, including 2.8 million Francophones, accessed the Net from home during September.

The 12,092,000 Canadians who visited Web sites or used digital media applications such as instant messaging services were online in nearly 12 separate days during the month, viewing 475 unique pages each.

On an average day, 4,756,000 unique visitors were posted, spending nearly 50 minutes surfing the Web and viewing 42 unique pages each.

In total, Canadians spent 7.9 billion minutes using the Web at home in the month of September. These results represent a slight increase in traffic and usage over the August Web usage report.

September's top Web properties include the Microsoft, AOL Network, Yahoo! and Sympatico-Lycos sites, while in French speaking Canada the top properties included InfiniT Network and Multimania.com.

Media Metrix Canada (NASDAQ: MMXI) is a joint venture between Media Metrix and ComQUEST Research. The partnership provides independent meter-based Internet and digital media audience measurement service for Canada. For more information on this active company, see: