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Welcome to Roll Up Week

What a difference a year makes! The euphoria that pushed internet stock valuations to tulip-mania levels last year has given way to a pessimistic realization that many of these companies simply won't make it. But that doesn't mean all is lost. Many of these firms have assets that could be combined with other firms to create a viable business. Thus, Roll Up week on the Internet Stock Report.

Today, Monday, Morning Report author Tom Taulli identifies several companies that are selling below the cash on their balance sheets. In other words, someone could buy the company with its own cash. That's often a sign of a seriously undervalued stock assuming the acquirer knows how to stem any losses. Also today, DealTracker analyst Kelly Black dusts off her M&A Bingo board, which is filling up fast.

Tomorrow, Internet Stock Tracker analyst Chris Nerney will take a humorous look at the internet melt down and mergers he'd like to see. Wednesday, market analyst Paul Shread (Mid-day & Market Close reports) will pull out his technical ruler (and rules) to tell us what to look for -- and avoid -- in a special Guest Perspective, while Tom Taulli, plumbing Mary Evelyn Arnold's VC Buzz, takes a look at what the smart venture money is doing (Morning Report). Thursday, Mutual Funds Central editor Ken Waggoner will weigh in the virtues of using an internet fund to spice up (down?) your portfolio, on Mutual Fund Central.

Wrapping up the week on Friday will be reader input. So don't forget to drop us a line at mailto:rollup@internet.com with the deals you'd like to see!