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Fabulous 50: ISDEX Grows To Reflect Dynamic Industry

In 1994 you could count Internet stocks on one hand and still have three fingers unaccounted for. Four score and dozens of stock offers later, an industry on hyper-growth now has more than 100 stocks in all flavors.

One need only walk the floor of Spring Internet World, going on now at the Los Angeles Convention Center, to see how diverse this industry is becoming. 50,000 to 60,000 people will parade through the convention floor. More than 600 companies are exhibiting the latest Commerce, Content, Entertainment, Services, Hardware, Access and more.

No surprise then that ISDEX, Internet Stock Index, today adds more than a dozen new stocks to its fold, bringing to 50 the number it computes as a daily average, enabling investors to track Internet representative companies on Wall Street.

Check out the new ISDEX, with added stocks shown in bold with shading:

ISDEX: The New Lineup:

The New ISDEX 50
Company Stock Symbol Business
@Home ATHM Cable Internet services
Amazon AMZN E-tailer of books, music, video
AOL AOL Consumer online services
Axent AXNT Web security software
Broadband Technologies BBTK High-speed hardware
Broadvision BVSN Web marketing software
CDnow CDNW E-tailer for music
Checkfree CKFR Digital payments
CheckPoint Software CHKPF Web security software
CKS Group CKSG Web marketing services
CMG Info CMGI Internet venture firm
CNET CNWK Web and cable content
Concentric CNCX Internet services provider
Cybercash CYCH Digital currencies
Cyberguard CYBG Web security software
Cylink CYLK Web security software
DoubleClick DCLK Web advertising
E*Trade EGRP Web stock trades
Earthlink ELNK Internet services provider
Egghead EGGS E-tailer of software/hardware
Excite XCIT Navigation services
IDT IDTC Internet services, IP telephony provider
Infoseek SEEK Navigation services
Intuit INTU Financial services
Lycos LCOS Navigation services
Mecklermedia MECK Internet news, trade shows, conferences
Metricom MCOM Wireless Internet services
Mindspring MSPG Internet services provider
N2K NTKI E-tailer of music
Netscape NSCP Internet software and services
Network Associates NETA Internet security software
Network Solutions NSOL Domain name registrar
NewsEdge NEWZ Personalized news via Web
ONSALE ONSL Web auctions
Open Market OMKT Internet commerce software
Open Text OTEXF Intranet software solutions
PairGain PAIR High-speed, DSL solutions
PSINet PSIX Internet services provider
RealNetworks RNWK Internet streaming media software
Secure Computing SCUR Internet security software
Security Dynamics SDTI Internet security software
Security First SFNB Web banking software
Sportsline SPLN Web-based sports news
Spyglass SPYG Web device software
USWeb USWB Turnkey Web business services
Verisign VRSN Web Digital ID issuer
Versant VSNT Object oriented database for Web
Vocaltec VOCLF IP telephony software
Wavephore WAVO Information broadcaster
Yahoo YHOO Navigation services

With the growing security needs of the Web, new firms such as Axent, Cyberguard, Cylink, and Secure Computing are now in the mix. Axent acquired former ISDEX listed company Raptor. We expect consolidation in Web security software so keep an eye on these.

We're also seeing broadband attempts and solutions emerge, hence the debut of Broadband Technologies and PairGain. Look for 1999 to focus more on these and this sector. Speed is the #1 goal now of many.

With music e-tailer N2K already on ISDEX, the addition of CDnow makes complete sense. Now you can watch both side by side in the horse race for music sales via the Web.

Egghead's bold move to be 100% net, closing down its brick and mortar stores, earned it a place on ISDEX if for nothing more than bravado. Its $57 million in cash makes its claim, so early naysayers should perhaps wait and see. Somebody's got to be the Amazon of software sales here.

IP telephony has a presence already with software maker Vocaltec, but we added IDT, which provides Internet phone calls, to present the other side of the equation. IP long distance is coming. How about 3 cents a minute, guaranteed quality?

Old line Intuit has fresh blood in Web initiatives Quicken.com and mortgage sites. It also Sponsors Excite's finance channel. We expect more moves in this space from Scott Cook, one of the few in software that actually beat Microsoft and still does in finance software.

Metricom is one we've written about before. It has a long way to go before earnings show up in a meaningful way, but Microsoft co-founder and multi-billionaire Paul Allen believes in it, and Metricom has unique services.

Verisign is a recent IPO that wants to be your ID on the Net. There are good inroads so far. Wavephore is more of a behind-the-scenes information blaster that we think could be more important as the Web grows its appetite for professionally-produced news.