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Survey Says? Your Internet Firms In Everyday Ways

As retail investors and individuals manage more and more of their finances themselves, we think perhaps some of the investment decisions being made rely at least in part on the old-fashioned method: if you use it maybe it's a fairly good product or service. And if you're using it are others? If so, is it a good investment? Maybe. Then the research and due diligence begins in earnest.

ISDEX Interactive Survey 03.20.98

ISDEX Survey Internet
respond with what comes to mind your pick?
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Sounds quite simple. But consider that mega-investor Warren Buffett just acquired a chunk of ice cream king Dairy Queen based on the rather humble fact that he buys a cone there. Other stocks Buffett owns: Coca-Cola? Yep. Drinks Coke, too. Gillette? Everybody shaves.

So what's everybody using in the Internet space? Example: In 1995 if you were asked which browser you are using, Netscape may have popped up right away. As did its stock. Usability creates awareness which creates expectations. Some of that gets built into stock values and hence the wildly different valuations for firms.

So here's a brief survey. At left is the Internet category. What's the firm that first pops into your mind when you see "software?" etc. Some of them may not inspire any one company, such as "content." Even so, in this interactive survey, try to jot down a few e-mails to us. Next week, we'll give everyone the results and compare impressions with balance sheets and stock values.