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Spotlight Future: Startup Live! Internet Showcase Chance

Amazon.com, AOL, Netscape, Yahoo. Names etched on the collective psyche of all things Internet. But also names once scribbled on college-ruled notebook paper, napkins over lunch, and in the eyes of those who reached for the unknown and came up with billion-dollar concepts.

It is the factor "x" in this global phenomenon called Internet. William Gipson meets Bill Gates and the body-pierced brigade in a cyber-thriller that spells "new capitalism," just-add-Web media moguls, fly or die HTML heaven and hell. From venture capital to Wall Street, from garage geeks to boardroom barons overnight. If this was a Lou Reed song it'd be "take a walk on the Web side"--the wildest ride. Ka-ching.

All of which brings us to the scribbled business plan or napkin millionaires in waiting. Do you have an Internet business, concept or cool idea that could possibly be the next big thing? An entirely new business approach to leverage the World Wide Web?

Would you like to present this business pitch, plan, or wing on a prayer to some of the world's most respected venture capitalists, pundits and the world's leading independent Internet investment analyst.

This is the part where Internet Stock Report shines the spotlight on you and the new ideas and businesses yearning to be heard in the ever-growing Internet space. Got what it takes? Apply here to present at Steve Harmon's Internet Startup Live! Venture Showcase at the Fall Internet World Internet Investment Symposium, what Yahoo!'s Jerry Yang called "The power conference to network with industry influencers and decision makers."

Your turn!