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Internet Market Close Report for 1998.03.18

ISDEX & Market Moves Snapshot

  18-Mar-98 % change point change
ISDEX 147.15 1.18% 1.72
ISDEX Price Weighted Composite 1,473.38 1.97% 28.50
NASDAQ 1,788.28 0.50% 8.98
DJIA 8,775.40 0.29% 25.41

  • CKS Group (NASDAQ:CKSG) posts $32.2 million revenue for its first quarter of fiscal 1998, up 32%. Net income falls 41% to $1.1 million, loss of $0.07 per share vs. $0.12 per share. Our short take, CKS seems to have stymied itself in analog interpretations of how to do business on the Internet, which is a digital domain. Ad firm DoubleClick (NASDAQ:DCLK), while a different animal, leverages the Internet's scale for its business--banners don't need people to be placed. In short, digital requires fewer people and scales easily. Holding the hand of a big corporate giant and trying to create a Web strategy for them is sweaty palm intensive. And thinner margin.

  • Privately-held WiseWire, a content agent startup, receives its third round of financing, this time from Mellon Ventures, Inc., an affiliate of Mellon Bank (NYSE:MEL). We think more focus will be made by investors in this area but that there's a long way to go in what people are calling "agents." WiseWire and Firefly have made inroads but our view is this area still could be several iterations away from truly intuitive agents. We'll be watching WiseWire's development to be sure.